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Welcome to my new web site

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Please have a look around, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can be of assistance.

  • Community Events

    Fundamentals of Figure Drawing
    10-13-15 5:30 pm - Neighborhood Congregational Church
    Laguna Canyon Studios - Drawing & Painting Workshops

    Fred Hope's popular 3-hour class in Beginning and Intermediate Figure Drawing.  Utilizing a professional model, this "skills" class is distilled from Fred's 30-plus years of professional Art School instruction at the Art Center College of...

    Come sincerely wanting to reclaim your power, health and identity,
    10-13-15 5:30 pm - Neighborhood Congregational Church
    Take your power back...Healing will follow group- Laguna B

    As we become who we are -our spiritual identity- our health will follow The root of  many illnesses- [my personal lupus and environmental illness] and many other health issues-  much pain and suffering can be from a giving away our power our...

    Take your power back from fear-trama and victimization
    10-13-15 5:30 pm - Neighborhood Congregational Church
    OC Good Life

    The root of much pain and suffering and illness is often a giving away of power- a not taking care of ourselves an unidentified bow to ego mind- to serve who we are not. You are the seed of the spirit-the image and likeness of God now- We will...